Simple Strategies to Help and Heal Your Back

This course will teach you a simplistic model of viewing the body so you better understand your back pain and how to treat it.   
Module 1 - The foundation
In this module, you'll learn the anatomy of the core.  Where does it begin, where does it end and what muscles are included.  
What is the core anyway?
Module 2 - Does posture matter?
Your posture does matter.  But having non-optimal posture does not mean you are doomed to have back pain.  Learn how to assess your postural faults so you consider them, without making them the focus of your training.
Normal posture is very rare.
One size does not fit all
Muscular imbalances and tips on how to mitigate them
Module 3 - The balanced body and why it is critical to prevent injury
In this section you'll learn a simplistic model of the body that is essential to consider when designing a home exercise program.
The concept of alternating patterns
Why sit ups aren't the answer to a strong core
Self assessment tips
Module 4 - Body mechanics and functional training
In this section you'll learn how use your core without straining your back.
Finding neutral, does it matter and when?
The hip hinge
How to properly squat
How to bend and lift
Module 5 - Happy back = happy life
Attitude can make a difference
The mind-body relationship
Being proactive not reactive
The fundamentals of a strong core
How does attitude influence pain?
Wrap up
Baby steps towards a more resilient back
Applying back saving strategies into your every day life